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Where Art For Thou?


‘Dancers on the Stage’ Edgar Degas

100 words … how much can they say? A writing challenge to explore the expression of thoughts and ideas in fewer words.

Time spent in the Musée des Beaux-Arts reflecting on our preferences. What shapes our appreciation, the way our eyes are drawn, or our heads turned? The elegant twirl of Degas’ danseuses for me over the weighty religious allegories. Real-life, vividly realised. How do the ‘Greats’ become great? Through whose eyes? One of us drawn to the Monets, the other drifting to boats at anchor, imagining canvas slapping, chains clanking.

Like thoughts, perhaps. Some of us prefer life’s realities over abstract musings. We find simple comfort in specific ideas that can be worked on over loose threads to be picked at.




100 Days x 100 Words

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