100xARt District Launch Event Timetable: Sunday 31st Jan 7:15pm UTC / 2:15pm EST

Jamie Burke
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4 min readJan 30, 2021


This weekend we are pleased to officially open the 💯xARt District in Decentraland to the public this Sunday at 7:15pm UTC / 2:15pm EST. This has been a joint effort by members of the 100xARt group over the past month that is finally coming to fruition.

In celebration of this day, we have arranged for a packed itinerary of talks, boutique auctions, special guests and general festivities.

Here is everything you need to know.

How to Participate

Time: 7:15 PM UTC / 2:15 PM EST

Participation in the event requires connection to Decentraland via a web browser, plus connection to the TokenSmart Discord for audio.

If you have never used Decentraland before make sure to create an account and user profile and select an avatar. You do have the option of jumping into Decentraland as a “guest”, however your user profile and custom avatar will not be saved. To create your very own metaverse identity you will need to login via the Metamask browser extension and connect a Web3 wallet.

For the best experience we recommend you use a gaming desktop PC if possible, otherwise a laptop with a reasonably good graphics card should do provided you have a decent WiFi connection.

Listen in HERE: www.discord.gg/nft (voice channel: #main-stage)

Drop in HERE: https://play.decentraland.org/?position=86,-24

Once you click the above DCL link you will be dropped into the 100xARt Public Square where you will find signage to galleries, event listings and a public directory.

To provide you all with the best experience possible for the 100xARt District launch, we teamed up with our good friends at TokenSmart, one of the leading NFT communities in the space, to help us broadcast and MC this massive launch right from their Discord server. The above Discord link will lead you there — please show up a short while in advance so you can verify your account (a process that takes only a few moments after entering the server).

Once inside the TokenSmart discord, you will find the following channels:

text: #100xart-launch

voice: #main-stage

voice: #room1

voice: #room2

To participate, drop into Decentraland (link above) and join the #main-stage voice channel in the TokenSmart server.

Where to go in Decentraland

At 7:15 PM UTC / 2:15 PM EST, TokenSmart will kick off the event with a few words and several surprises. The kick off takes place at the Main Stage in the 100x Public Square (again, the Decentraland link above will drop you directly there).

At 7:30 PM UTC, the crowd will be welcomed by Jamie Burke, founder of Outlier Ventures and founder/ideator of 100xARt, the infamous Mike Winkelmann — aka Beeple — and Clark Kent who will be presenting a sepcial collection on behalf of Jose Delbo.

The first major panel will begin at 8:00 PM UTC at Narcissus Gallery (check the map above or the directory within the Public Square). You can choose to attend the panel or begin exploring the District.

From 9:00 PM UTC and onwards there will be new boutique auction events occurring at every half hour at various locations throughout the District, as noted on the Schedule of Events above. 100x volunteers will be available to help usher you from one auction to another or direct you in case you get lost.

Boutique Auctions

From 9:00 PM UTC through 11:30 PM UTC, the 100xARt District will host a series of nearly two dozen time-staggered art auctions hosted at various galleries throughout the District (see the events schedule and map above). During the 30 minutes that will be spent at each gallery, the auction artists will say a few words about themselves and their work, the gallery owners will say a few words about their gallery, and that 30 minute timespan will coincide with the FINAL 30 minutes of the auctions hosted at that particular gallery. So the conclusion of each of the 23 auctions will be LIVE action during this event. Please take this into account when choosing your preferred route or plan when attending the event!

Collaborations & Contributions

There are countless creations and beautiful things to see and participate in around the 100xARt District. To close, we would like to make a special shout out to all the amazing artists and collectors who have donated work to the 100xARt Public Square, which is viewable via our communal wallet on Open Sea and includes:

Max Stealth, Durk, Brinkman, Rendered Flesh, howiseedatworld, Daniella Doodles, iuri, TheBlackFractal, luluxXX, Shelly Soneja, adxmboni, xcopy, Perry Cooper, cechk, and orabelart.

We look forward to seeing you on SUNDAY!