Innovation Hack 10 — Turn Marketing Around

WHAT is today’s hack?

“Marketing is helping them not us” — marketing guru Seth Godin

WHY is it important?

The way how we think about marketing is wrong. Most people define marketing as adverisement of the own product in order to sell more of it. This is wrong.
In one of my previous hacks, I explained that instead of trying to be innovative we rather should try to be helpful. It’s the same idea with marketing.
Marketing should be about helping them not us.
The good thing is: by focusing on helping them they will trust us more.

WHEN can it be used?

Whenever you think about advertising your product, think about how your product can make your customers more successful. Make your customers feel they are the innovators. Make them believe you really care about their success. Don’t even try to advertise any features or functions of your product.
They don’t care.

HOW to apply the technique at work?

Everything you change about your product should be done with the value for the customers in mind. Also, the marketing of your product should be about them.

This means, whether you create or market your product, always try to be helpful.



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