Innovation Hack 11 — Your Best Future Clients

…Are Your Current Clients

Sales rule #1: Your best future clients are your current clients.

WHY is it important?

Finding new customers is a time-consuming and expensive task. Still, it’s so easy to get caught up in the process of looking for new customers that you forget that your best customers are sitting right in front of you: your existing customers. Why? Because you’ve already won them over with your products, they already trust you.

Once you’ve built a deep relationship with your existing customers, they’re not only more likely to spend more on your products. They’ll additionally be your advocates. They’ll be happy to refer others to your brand.

WHEN can it be used?

All of these factors above will help you spend less on customer acquisition. So instead of finding new customers, focus more of your time, money, and energy on retaining your existing customer base.

Whenever you talk to your current customers, always learn about their most pressing issues, always give them ideas for how their jobs can be done better.

HOW to apply the technique at work?

Now that you know how valuable your existing customers are, focus on the following three things:

  • Make sure to focus on building a deeper relationship with your existing customers by being more human with them.
  • Focus on increasing their satisfaction. Ask them how happy they are with the way how you treat them, how you communicate with them, how often you talk to them. Just listen to them.
  • Make it easy for your existing customers to share their positive experiences with the world.

Your best future clients are your current clients.



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