Innovation Hack 7 — Don’t Try to Be Innovative!

WHAT is today’s hack?

What is your answer to the question “What is innovation”? My answer is:

Simply focus on these three things:
Reduce their frustrations, save their time or money.

That’s it. You’ll create something they’re going to love.

Don’t try to be innovative, just try to be helpful.

WHY is it important?

Your customers do not care about your product. Let me repeat it:
Your customers do not care about your product at all!
They just care about their problems, nothing else.

I’ve seen so many product teams trying to create shiny tools packed with tons of features, packed with bells and whisles. Don’t.

WHEN can it be used?

Use this idea in the beginning of every project by asking the team to solve a problem instead of asking them to build a feature.
Asking people to build a feature will result in a technical, complicated product.
Asking people to solve a problem will result in a more human, more usable, simpler solution.

HOW to apply the technique at work?

Grab a important problem your customers struggle with. How? By listening closely to what they say. You will hear their frustration whenever they talk about a problem they really care about. They will come back to this problem over and over again and tell you how much time they lose going through this one task.
Just solve this one issue if it’s a consistent frustration for many of your customers.

Innovation is not what happens in companies, but what customers ultimately accept” Jan-Erik Baars, Professor of Communication and Marketing in Lucerne



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