Innovation Hack 9 — 10x Thinking is Easier Than 2x

Think Even Bigger

WHAT is today’s hack?

Don’t Think Big, Think Bigger! — 10x thinking is much easier than 2x.

WHY is it important?

Big goals are more powerful than small incremental goals.
They are so big that they motivate you, they get you excited.
Additionally, they help to focus. In order to reach a 10x goal, you’ll need to determine what you say yes to, what you say no to.

When you set a goal to reach a 10x bigger future, something immediately happens to your thinking, your ideas, your decision-making, your communication and your determination.

Small goals don’t engage people the same way intellectually and emotionally.

WHEN can it be used?

Surprisingly, you should create really big 10x goals whenever you feel overwhelmed with your usual incremental goals. Big goals will help you to focus, they will motivate you. Also, big goals are contagious, people around you will want to be part of your big story.

HOW to apply the technique at work?

As you’ve learned from the eighth Innovation Hack, you should always create a vision. This hack goes even further, it should convince you to create goals that are bigger than you’d usually create.

In your next project, think about an outcome that could potentially change your life, think about an outcome that will make everyone talk about your project.
Don’t limit your thinking!
Remember: 10x thinking is easier than 2x.
Also, the 10x goal isn’t 10x more difficult to reach than a usual goal.



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