Using ChatGPT to Explain Complex Concepts


Research, analysis and even the evaluation of a complex topic done in seconds

I just wanted to show you an example of the potential of ChatGPT, particularly in comparison to traditional search engines like Google. Specifically, it’s about using the tool to help people understand complex connections and learn something new.

Let’s start with an example that demonstrates how ChatGPT can explain complex concepts in a simple way. You can ask the tool to explain something to you in a way that a 5-year-old child would understand. If you want an explanation at a fifth-grade level, you can ask for an explanation that a 10-year-old child would understand. Impressive!

Now let’s make it a bit harder. I will ask ChatGPT some questions that a student might be asked on a topic, including research, analysis, and even evaluation. This is something that Google is no longer able to do, particularly when it comes to assessing things on its own.

Let’s see if it can even find references to such events in books or movies.

I’m blown away. What do you think?

Regards from Germany!


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