BIG Changes in My Life

Many of you don’t know this, but I’ve been in hiding. I have tried to keep my personal life quiet and stay hidden while going through a divorce and finding out who the real Kim is and what she really wants in life. For too many years, I have been a people pleaser, doing what everyone else wants me to do from poses on the set; how to dress and wear my hair and make up, to putting my family first and me last.

1010ParkPlace’s tagline — Make Life Count — resonates with me because that’s how I’m finally living this phase of my life.

My first big life change — after separation from my husband of 21 years — occurred when I left my five bedroom home on five acres across the street from the ocean in Florida. The house was filled with 15 years of memories raising three beautiful sons. I drove away from it all with just my dog and a car full of my possessions, staying with friends and family for three months. I would use this time to ask and beg God to know if I was doing the right thing. All I knew was that I needed to get far away and find healing in the mountains.

I finally arrived in Boulder, Colorado, December 2013. I didn’t know a soul in Boulder, and I spent some pretty snowy nights huddled in my little place, lonely but free. It’s been three years now, and I’ve found wonderful friends here, as well as my old friends around the country who’ve helped me find me. I found in them love and support to help me heal my heart. They accepted me for who I am and gently forced me to make decisions — any decision — instead of saying, “I don’t care. Whatever you want to do is fine with me.”

I’ve always known that some day, I’d move back to New York City. There’s been an unrelenting voice, screaming inside of me, to help other women; to encourage them by telling my story and struggles. I kept my heart open for the right time to leave my healthy Boulder nest and venture back into the world to help transform it and empower others.

Just the other day — in an instant — I heard my inner voice say, “NOW.” I am ready. I am healthy and strong and have more passion and desire than ever to express myself.

No one is going to stop me or mess with my mind and emotions. I am through people pleasing. I know what I want and even though I’m stepping out in faith, with no set place to reside in the city, I have put a date on my move of September 1st. I made a big life decision this week. I’m ready to show my inner strength and be heard.