Masturbation 11, Pilgrims Zero

Refinery29, a site for Millennial women, published three stories this week that flew all over me. The first one called out actress, Hilary Duff, and her boyfriend, Jason Walsh, for wearing modest, but “racist” Pilgrim and American Indian Halloween costumes. The next story was a slideshow of “The 11 Best Sex Toys for Your Halloween Costume” and featured small vibrators to hide in your crotch while trick-or-treating. The third story was Kylie Jenner’s Halloween costume: assless leather chaps and a string bikini top, “Very Dirty… Perfection.”

I’m the antithesis of a prude, and this is not a political post, merely an observation about a culture that’s lost it’s grip on critical thinking skills.

Political correctness has run amok. Instead of supporting minorities, in many ways, political correctness is divisive and dismissive of them. Take the LIVES MATTER movement. By saying Pilgrim and Indian Halloween costumes are racist, we’re selectively editing a people and their history out of our culture. In some ways, this is saying their LIVES DON’T MATTER. Political correctness advocates claim we need to be sensitive of the “red man” issue, yet at the same time, calling us “white people” and “black people” is okay. Let’s embrace and celebrate our differences! Don’t shame Hilary Duff and Emma Roberts — who last year put chopsticks in her hair and “offended Asians” — into public apologies.

The Pilgrims came here in search of a better life. In doing so, some killed and disadvantaged the Indians. How are they any different from the illegal immigrants who pour over our borders every day? Illegal immigrants hurt job-hunting Americans by working for lower wages; burden an already stressed welfare system — you and I can’t afford to pay for as it is — and yes, many sell drugs that kill our children, and others are security risks. When we shout illegal immigrant LIVES MATTER, we seem to forget it’s often not in the best interest of ourselves and our children. When will AMERICAN LIVES MATTER FIRST?”

Now that I’m wound up… Let’s talk “pussy.”

Pussy is everywhere, i.e., women are writing about the best vibrators to stick up theirs on Halloween. Vibrators are great, but let’s have some decorum on when and where we use them. Also the “Pussy Bow Blouse” is one of this year’s biggest fashion trends. This week online store, Net-a-Porter, had 833 PUSSY bow blouses for sale.

Either we own up to our casual use of the term “pussy” or we don’t, but we can’t stay on this path and complain about the degrading cultural and sexist ramifications. If next year’s male fashion trend is a COCK shirt, will it be okay until we use it to our political advantage by protesting against it?

We need to back off of our obsession with political correctness, and stop glamorizing trashy Kardashians and barely dressed rap “bitches and hoes” as role models. Are they really the kind of women we want our daughters and granddaughters to emulate… or our sons and grandsons to think they can manhandle… or should marry?