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ItchySats becomes 10101

10101 — One app, all things Bitcoin

  • Fully Fledged Wallet: You can pay on-chain or off-chain to anyone on the Lightning Network, and you can receive on-chain payments or payments from anyone on the Lightning Network.
  • CFD trading: It allows you to trade CFDs, options and other derivatives secured by Bitcoin.
  • Stable Coins: It allows you to hedge into a stable USD position.
  • Rule 1: Not your keys, not your coins
  • Rule 2: Not your keys, not your coins

What does this mean for ItchySats users?

Where are we going with 10101?



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Non-custodial CFD trading directly on Bitcoin. DLCs make it possible. No middleman. No account. Just you and your keys. https://www.itchysats.network/