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Hello, Cloud!

Two years ago, I have moved into Container technology.
2021, Start Focus for Cloud development only.

Very interested in the CNCF project, wanting to make it easy, low damage, Low Devops. Yes, at least everything was consumed. Not satisfied, before sleeping while sitting ..

At first it was difficult, when I first started using Docker Swarm, I thought Docker Swarm was crazy, not good for long-term business, many moved to K8s. Alhamdulillah, K8s has been eaten a little.

I’m still standing on it, and have nothing.

Playing container, must have high capability, big capital. Once the data pull image damage, the data will run out, thanks to mas Ai Jogja, without you, apalah daku ini.

1. https://www.docker.com/community/captains
2. https://landscape.cncf.io/
3. https://openfaas.com




Binding app for good developer

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