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Fuel for women with many dreams and big plans.
Note from the editor

Inspire, energise and inform. 10x Women is a collective of women from around the globe who want to live active, fulfilling and meaningful lives — on our own terms. While we may have different backgrounds, goals and perspectives, we believe that our values and hopes have more in common than not. It’s a place to find the exceptional in the everyday. To celebrate the big (and little) things we around our respective corners of the world. It’s about sharing stories of the great women we know in our lives doing great things.

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Andries De Vos
Founder/CEO at Slash.co. I build products and grow companies. Tech optimist. I drink bourbon. Learning to dance in the rain.
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Maria De Vos Kuvshinova
It’s not just about getting better at what we do, but striving for the very best and a better world. Founder at Clubvivre.com, Allunicorn.com
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Aditi Bhat
Data seeker; traveler; books junkie. Say it like it is. Passionate about growth and Impact at scale. Editor of 10x Women
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Emily Jones
Lover of good stories, good hip hop, and bad jokes. Interests include education, social systems design, and koalas. Contributor to 10x Women.
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Ruthie Garelik
Globe-trotting Bikram yogi, calling NYC home. Lover of good stories, good wine and meaningful connections. Contributor to 10x Women.