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Inspire, energise and inform. 10x Women is a collective of women from around the globe who want to live active, fulfilling and meaningful lives — on our own terms. While we may have different backgrounds, goals and perspectives, we believe that our values and hopes have more in common than not. It’s a place to find the exceptional in the everyday. To celebrate the big (and little) things we around our respective corners of the world. It’s about sharing stories of the great women we know in our lives doing great things.

We believe that…

… our experiences are unique, and when our stories come together it creates a particularly special view of the world

… regularly sharing our energy and passion for ourselves and our families and friends will provide fuel for each other

… honestly exploring real stories and supporting each other is critical in today’s world

Contact us: 10x.women@gmail.com

Interested in becoming a contributor? Reach out to us and provide some brief information about yourself and a sample story you would like to see on 10x Women