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While 10XTS sees significant market growth opportunities, there are obstacles for blockchain to become fully adopted as a mainstream technology.

We have identified many of the barriers that must be addressed and overcome for blockchain technology to be able to move beyond the innovation phases into early adoption by mainstream enterprises and capital markets.

1. Regulatory Complexity

One of the major obstacles to enterprise blockchain adoption is regulatory complexity. This is due to the lack of clearly-defined regulations set out by various state and national regulatory agencies.

For example, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulatory regime does not specifically contemplate blockchain…

Since the explosion (and subsequent retreat) of crypto assets, there has been much deliberation and chatter about the various nature and legitimacy of tokens across the spectrum of business and finance.

A lot of confusion exists around how to govern securities tokens, the existing law, how to regulate, etc…

Quite simply, it isn’t that difficult, and I am frustrated at the crypto industry’s attempt to create something new when there’s nothing new here at all. The litany of laws governing securities and securities transactions has been around for a long time.

The advent of new technology doesn’t really change the…

At a simplified level, blockchain technology is a giant global spreadsheet of transaction entries, wherein the software only permits the recording of new transactions by entities authorized to actually write to that ledger.

Sounds pretty simple.

Transactions Define Human Interaction

Transactions are actions between entities, who engage in an exchange of some “thing”. That could be data, money, real property, etc… value in some identified form.

All social constructs are the result of transactional behavior. Society itself is a mesh of interconnected transactions. As humans intentionally organize themselves around a defined, intentional purpose, transactions define the internal and external operations of the entity.


The big trend in blockchain at the moment is the concept of a STO or “security token offering”. Before I go further, I want to be clear — I am in full support of the concept of tokenizing assets and securities. In fact, that’s what we do at 10XTS.

That being said, somehow or another, the nascent blockchain industry has once again convinced itself that it has created something “new and novel”.

It hasn’t.

The term “token” essentially means something that represents something else. For example, a word is a token for a mental abstraction of a concept or idea…

Back in 2016, I started dissecting the implications of blockchain tokens, software products, and the emerging “cryptoeconomics” brought about by the evolution of decentralized application networks. It’s a complicated body of different taxonomies, and hard for many to fully understand. This has been evidenced by regulators, who have taken up the concerns and engaged in heavy enforcement of the blockchain industry as of late.

Maybe about a year ago, I penned a blog post called “Software Economics and the Advent of Tokenized Utility Application Network Solutions”, which wasn’t one of my more popular publications (go figure, it’s pretty thick).


XDEX is the flagship product platform for 10XTS.

The 10XTS team has been diligently working to launch XDEX, and part of that has been running a test blockchain system in parallel with the launch of the permanent production chain.

The 10XTS development team is happy to announce the test chain crossed the 250,000 blocks produced threshold with no issues with the network or nodes.

The common theme these days for blockchain applications, and particularly early stage blockchain software startups, is to leverage an existing public network. Most often, this is Ethereum, and potentially will extend into EOS once their mainnet goes live.

The advantages of launching atop a public network is pretty obvious — mostly because launching a hardened public blockchain infrastructure is… well… hard.

And… it’s expensive to maintain the network infrastructure with security and redundancy for an enterprise grade system. All the consensus infrastructure is accommodated by miners and witnesses writing to the blockchain in a public protocol.

While this may be…


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