Stolen Pieces

Photo Credit: Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

I want to rip from them all the pieces of me they stole

I wish I could whisper sweet everythings into younger me

I wish I could be the one that listened when everyone forgot

When everyone turned their back on my crying eyes

And ignored the words I couldn’t scream any louder

Draining days came and went as they used me for my light

Only to walk away from me when I lived in darkness

Where had I fallen out of line

Why didn’t I deserve for my love to be returned

They never returned the love I was always willing to give

What was wrong with my cup when it came time for them to pour back what they took

Now what looked half empty was once half full

Why does your projection effect my perception of a world where love was once ever flowing

I close my eyes as tears fall effortlessly feeling like where am I

Where have they taken all those good parts

Pieces of me stowed away for them

Holding onto the love I needed to mend my broken heart