Your face

Such a beautiful waste

Placed on a temple harboring a soul with an ugly personality

You smile

Your movements are that of grace

But yet you have the tendency to push me away

We retract like two negatives on a magnet

We don’t match

We don’t make sense

But yet we attract

Trying to fit together like two puzzle pieces

Unlike a puzzle our image never gets clearer

We pull back to regroup hoping to gain some understanding

We try again like it’s going to be any different

Truthfully you don’t love me in that way

You would not dare tell me though

Because the L word is looped around my throat

And you know the only way for me to breathe is to feel my lips press into you

I give into you

Waging war in myself I came with my own selfish desires drawn

Ready to cut into your flesh

A bloody mess

But honestly I fell into the love that was you

You were the reflection of the weapon I formed against myself

Over and over again I allowed you to be the one to pull the trigger

We are a mess I tell myself

But again when you leap from that bridge I follow suit

Falling into a manipulative drop

Accepting all of your pleasure even though I’ve read the small print a thousand times

You always tell me “I am not responsible for your death”