3 Giant Startup Helpers

It isn’t a new thing that big companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook buy successful startups. But there is one more thing about these mentioned companies and startups: all of them help startups. Yes, if you have a startup this article will be super-helpful for you.

Let’s Google

Nowadays a lot of things in our life starts with Googling. I would like to begin this story also with Google. It is important to mention that Google Launchpad supports technology-focused startups from all over the world. After applying, Google’s team reviews each application individually and in context of country, industry, technology, growth trajectory, and business model (e.g. consumer app or business-to-business).

Let Facebook Add Your Startup to Friends

The second program for startups on our list is FbStart from Facebook.

This program can help iOS and Android startups that have products in the App or Google Play stores for more than 30 days. They offer credits on good conditions and free usage of services for FbStart partners.

Microsoft Opens More Windows for Startups

Microsoft’s own program for startups is called Bizpark. It is international and was created for entrepreneurs — beginners — to help develop their startups by giving free access to all packages of Microsoft’s services.

So which one are you going to choose?

Inspired by AppTracktor.

Find full article with more info about each startup program at 111 Minutes Blog!

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