Blonde or Brunette in Mobile Apps Development?

Nowadays more and more people create their apps for mobile phones. And if an app’s main goal is getting money, then one of the first questions to appear is: What platform will my app be developed for? We’re gonna talk about the most popular platforms, and why cross platform isn’t the best decision.

It’s better to do one thing well than ten things poorly

If your app will make money for you, it has to be high quality. But good quality cannot be provided with cross platform development. This is why there are so many native developers. In this article we will observe 2 of the most popular operating systems.

Do you like apples?

Let’s start with iOS. This operating system was created by Apple and for Apple, so only Apple devices use iOS. 700 million iPhones were sold all over the world. This is the second most popular operating system in the world.

Some features

iOS is a closed operating system. To code apps for iPhones, iPads, and iPods (and Macs), you’ll need to use Xcode which is published in the App Store. All apps are reviewed in the App store before publishing, so there can be no abusive content, copyright infringement, unuseful apps, etc,. There are some criteria to meet for your app if you want it to be published. Apps for iPhones can be published only in the App Store. All Apple products have the image of high-class luxury devices. This is why their prices are high. However, high quality is provided.

The Most Popular OS

The most popular operating system for mobile phones is Android. Users and developers prefer it. In 2015, 40% of full-time developers think that Android is a priority platform, which is more than iOS (37%) and any other platform. But what about users? Just check this out : Android surpassed a billion shipments of devices in 2014, and will continue to grow at a double-digit pace in 2015 with a 26 percent increase year after year. This made it the first time that any general purpose operating system has reached more than one billion end-users within a year by reaching close to 1.16 billion end-users in 2014. Android shipped over four times more than iOS and OS X combined, and over three times more than Microsoft Windows.

Why is it so popular?

There is an opinion that Android is better than its competitors, like Apple iOS, in web surfing, integration with Google services, and others. Also, Android is an open platform and it makes possible for more functions to be used on it.

There is a prohibition of installing apps from untrusted sources, but this could be turned off in the settings of the smartphone. Android makes it possible to install different apps without an internet connection (from memory card) so everyone who wants can code Android apps for free and test them (or use them) on their own smartphones.

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