How To Differentiate Your Website or Mobile App

You have to differentiate your app or website because it is one of the most important components of your product. Paying enough attention to differentiation will lead you to a unique and outstanding product.

All tips mentioned here are in our own arsenal and are working for us.

Define and Stay Focused

Find your niche and become a specialist there. It isn’t easy, especially if your product is quite new. Research your niche and focus on your goal. Like Bruce Lee said: “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times”.


If you have released your app or site you have already defined (or are planning to define):

  • The goal of your app or website.
  • The problem that your product solves.
  • The mission.
  • The value.
  • Any additional value that your product gives.
  • A visual identity.
  • The strong and weak sides.
  • The target audience.
  • The tone of voice to speak with your audience.

We usually spend two-to-four weeks for needs assessment. Sometimes planning takes 60–70% of our projects. This approach guarantees a seamless and clear development of the product because time is spent on research, defining needs, and looking for issues that can appear on the stage of development or after release. This approach allows us to avoid lots of mistakes and to provide quality products.

So don’t hesitate to spend time on thinking, researching, and defining. Hours dedicated to these processes will save days or even weeks that will be spent on correcting mistakes or changing the product.

Be A Useful Storyteller

When everything previously mentioned is defined, it comes time to let the people know about it.

If you have something to say — say it. If you have some interesting things about your product to share — share them. Don’t hesitate to create info space around your app or website.


Start your blog by creating it on your site or by using existing platforms — like Medium — for storytelling. In our case, we did both. We created our own blog and created a profile to share publications on Medium.

Be interesting and useful

It is very important to provide information that is both interesting and useful for your audience.

Feel free to share info on new themes because users are getting used to old themes and to the same content. Users then become bored and leave.

Be disciplined and post regularly. Users will forget if they don’t get your content for weeks.

So post regularly and don’t forget to remind users of yourself with new and useful content. But it must match your definitions in the beginning policy.

Provide Solutions And Good Services

Nowadays a lot of businesses are focused on providing services or selling goods, but customers require solutions.

It doesn’t mean that services aren’t important, they are. But it does mean that you shouldn’t forget about solutions while providing good services. Your application must satisfy customer needs in a fast and easy way. Give easy access to support. This thing will save a lot of clients for you.

So remember that you are selling not drills but holes in walls.

How we do it

At 111 Minutes we are focused on building the application as much as making sure that it will achieve 100% of its goals. If it is a chat app, we create a communication tool that makes the most simple and joyful experience for users to communicate by sharing their photos, thoughts, and emotions. And this is the best way to get loyal and thankful users. These kinds of users will be happy to pay for your product and recommend it to their friends.

That’s all for now. Implement every idea mentioned above and it will differentiate your app or site. Be useful, free, and unique. This will make customers out of your users.

If you have an idea and want to create a mobile app or website, just contact us to get a fast quote on how much time and funds are required to create it with 111 Minutes!

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