Life After Releasing An App

For almost eight years, 111 Minutes has worked on the development and design of projects. In this time we have worked on many projects with many clients — from startups to big companies like Red Bull. And usually our cooperation doesn’t end after the app is released. Why do we do it? Why is it so important? The answers are in this article.

It Begins With Consulting

Designing and developing an app from scratch is heavily requested by our clients. We often provide consulting to our clients so we can discuss necessary features that must definitely be implemented in MVP, first, second, etc. versions of the app. We also provide consulting for the UX and UI of the product. Sometimes we even provide business advice. When everything is figured out and the design and development of the project is done, we release the app.

It Ends With Consulting

If we are talking about a fixed-price project where all the features and design elements were discussed in the beginning of the project and doesn’t change when the team starts to work on it, then we create a list of improvements that our experience tells us would be good to implement in the app when it is released. Clients may find little changes to some features or new features every where that will make users’ interactions with app better and easier. Some idea enhancements appear only when the whole team works on the project and sees how the product could be improved.


When an app is released and users interact with it, users start to provide feedback: what they like in the app and what they don’t like; what is necessary in the app and what isn’t. The client may also have some thoughts about improvements to the app. Features that must be implemented to improve the app are gathered and then the design and development team is needed.

Incarnate your ideas and feel free to continue cooperation with the development team after an app release to make the best products. Good luck!

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