Renovating 11 Flag Store

What it used to look like

The Flag Store was restored and converted in 1993 to create eight loft apartments and three studio offices in the Tower Bridge Conservation Area.

Project by Waterhouse Architects

For many years after that, Flat 11 Flag Store remained unchanged. It was home to successive families. By the time we came across the flat in 2014, it had a different look & feel to what you see today.

Between 2014–2016, we worked with Dransfield Architects and Roundhouse Design to redesign and refurbish the place and make it our own. Dransfield Architects are based in the Pyramid on the ground floor, and are also taking part in Open House Day 2017.

Here are a few photos of Flat 11 when we bought it in 2014 — you can try and match it up with what you see now!

Old entrance — you walked into the kitchen
Old living room as seen from the entrance (left) and above (right)
Old children’s bedroom (left) & bathroom (right) - now the downstairs office & guest bedroom
Upstairs area — now the bedroom (left) and staircase to the terrace (right)
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