Week 3: Daily Meditation

Much, much better this week

I can’t stop picturing a sunrise over a field of pale wheat. The sun is gold in the center and orange like hot coals around the edge. The stalks sway lightly in the wind, not a soul or sound for miles.

This picture is taking over my mind as I sit here and attempt to convey the feelings I have about the value of mindfulness. For the first time in my life I meditated daily for a week straight. I remembered to either do it early in the morning or during a chaotic moment, and it truly made a difference.

Like the wheat moving with the wind I felt at ease navigating daily trials. I always do my best to avoid going against the current, but meditation has a way of making it even easier to recognize which way the wind is blowing.

I took two flights this week. I’ll be candid, I’m not a fan of being thousands of feet off the ground. I prefer solid earth beneath my sneakers. This week was different. Right before each flight, waiting in the airports, I remembered to meditate, breathe deeply, and put myself in the moment.

It was like night and day. If I had to put a number to it, I’d say that flying was around 60% less stressful having first meditated. That’s monumental, especially considering how new it is for me.

I have just a few days left to my daily meditation month. I’m looking forward to rounding up my thoughts—the lessons, expected and unexpected—and putting them into my next post.

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