The first 4 months of dedication

How my sport dedication radically changed my habits for good #SkinnyToTitan.

Beginning of 2016, I challenged myself to accomplish 12 things. I wanted to share with you the first 4th months of my sport dedication. I wanted to practice more sport, become stronger and meet a good shape, here is how it’s started.

Before to start,

You must know that I always practised sports : judo, running, ice hockey and recently going to fitness club. I always have been an active person. But my body didn’t really grow. I suppose it has to be relative with the fact that I had to stock myself under 60kg (130lbs) for few times due to judo championship. I was in a growth period back then. But no excuses.

Myself younger

April : No particular plan, just sensation and fun.

End of February I received a work proposition from Ci Games that I could not refuse. I moved to Warsaw. I was actually pretty happy about it. Indeed, when you are working in Poland. The company you are working for manages to get you a Benefits card. Basically you can go anytime, in any fitness club, swimming-pool, etc.. you desire, for free! Fortunately there are a lot of gym clubs which are accepting it and some of them are really close to my place, or on my way to work. Win! I had to wait one month (March) to get this card. At the mid time, I got myself a supplementations starting pack.

Impact whey proteins, Creatine Monohydrate, ZMA, BCAA +, Omega 369, Alpha Men, My Pre ( pre-workout )

April : I started the workout. I have been at gym almost every single day since I got this benefits card. The first two weeks, I have been looking around, use any machines, wrote down each exercise, set and reps I have done. I also described the sensation I had with each exercise : If my body was responding properly, if i could feel any articulation pain, if the seance was too intensive or too easy. At the end of those weeks. I was able to plan my workout routines.

  • Monday : Back + Shoulder
  • Tuesday : Legs
  • Wednesday : Abs
  • Thursday : Active rest (walk/run)
  • Friday : Arms + Chest
  • Saturday : Legs
  • Sunday : Rest

At this stage, I was still working on my diet, but it stays very basic. A lot fruits and vegetables, cereals, nuts, fish, meat. I already had a good exercise progression even if results haven’t already been visible. At the gym where I am going, I have an access to a complete body checkout machine. I tried to get check up as often as I could. Even if I am thinking the best way to get a real body checkpoint is to look at yourself in a mirror and/or to take pictures. But I basically started from a good point.

My Body Stats #1 — Age : 28, Height : 176cm (5,7"), Weight : 72.2kg (159.1lbs), Body fat : 8,3%, Fat Mass : 6.0kg, Fat Free Mass : 66,2kg, Muscle Mass : 62,9kg, Body Mass Index : 23.3.

May : Lifestyle and routine

Two months that I workout 5/6 days per weeks. My workout routines took much more place in my life than I expected. But for the good. I have not drunk coffee since the beginning of the year and I rarely drink alcohol. My days became longer than usual ones : Because of my work, my own projects, my sport routines, my social life. But the result continue to grow. I beat again and again my records. I went from 30kg (66lbs) to 90kg (168lbs) on squat, from 60kg (132lbs) to 130kg (286lbs) on legs-press, ect.

I am still studying my diet, I try new fruits and dishes. I thought about some food restriction. But so far, I am happy to feed myself with whatever I want. Instead of calculating each nutrient inputs. I just focus on macros.

I am also working on my routines. I am still doing the exercises about which I have good feelings as well as I am trying new exercises to shock my muscles differently. The most important for me is to keep having fun at the gym. Since I challenged myself, there is not a single day when I have been lazy to go to the gym. But there were some days when I have not been satisfied with my performances. Those days are important to remember. Indeed I always have these days in mind to push my limits forward when i will try again the exercises.

June : First visible results

My routine became a real dedication. I am going to the gym 6 days a week. I am still developing my diet. I also bought inline skates and hockey stick. Time to time I practise my dangles and tricks, shoots. I do not follow any more my week routines. I just go to the gym and I focus on the part of my body depending on my mood. But I make sure at the end of the week that I have worked on all parts. I kept my two legs day per week. Legs muscles are very hard to work on. Besides, I really enjoy it, I don’t want to look like these guys who forget that legs have muscles as well.

Left : King of person who forget legs. Right : Me, twice per week

We are hitting the middle of the year and I have been working out for three months. Surprisingly, I have never got bored at the gym. It’s probably due to the goals I am always purchasing. This radical switch on my habits and my lifestyle had an impact on my social life as well. Indeed I lost contacts with people on my friends group. At the beginning they did not understood why I wanted such a changement in my life, they even laughed at it! I guess they didn’t believe I would be able to follow, to purchase a challenge for such a long journey, because they have never done it themselves.

After few weeks. I could feel that people around were not comfortable with my ambitions. The best example is that, when I join them for partying. Even if everyone had a good time, they did not accept the fact that I won’t drink alcohol as much as they do. I was fine with one or two glasses. Maybe they shame because they did not have any ambitions. I remember meet some people at party, asked me questions about this lifestyle, I always reply by ask them back : “Why will you not join me next time? You have nothing to lose!”. Most of them claimed they didn’t have enough time. I laughed at them back with adding : “Let me tell you something, I am working more that 8 hours per day, I am running my own projects, I am even dating someone. And you see I have still time to go at the gym”. I do believe people do not understand anymore the desire, the sacrifice to reach goals, to open new life perspectives. My group of friends gets for sure smaller, but it certainly gets stronger. As far as i know Friends around support me and they are as well happy for me. Which is for me the most valuable thing in life. My satisfaction about this dedication is that a little percent of people accepted the invitation as my good friend Milosz.

July : Workout together

Workout have always been an activity that I used to do alone. Even if time to time friends join me for some exercices. It is the time that I use to focus on myself, and get rid of any bad mood, bad feelings. Since few weeks, my date is joining me twice a week. We are doing more or less the same exercises, and basically working on the same muscles group. To be honest, I did not knew that I will be able to enjoy these moment as I have been very focused on my progression. I am not really sociable at gym. We are not at all a fit couple but I have to be honest. I like to challenge herself, and I am proud when she faces them.

The result

What I have learned

Firstly, maybe the most important : Do not follow programs. It can inspire you. My weekly routine was inspired by Modern Physique made by Steve Cook. The wrong thing with programs is that nobody will look at you : whether you are making the exercices properly, or whether the exercices are appropriate for you. What is your physical starting condition, whether you have a disease such as asthma. Secondly, keep having fun at gym. For me following the same routine week after week, without considering my state of mind, was a problem. Since few weeks I just following my mood and I have to be honest, I feel more enthusiastic to workout. Thirdly, You are not a professional fitness person! If you maybe want to be, go head! But my point here is you do not need to have a restricted diet to progress. Even if I would suggest you to consult a dietitian.

Keep working!

If you thought about challenge yourself. Keep in mind to do not give any fuck about what people around you will think about it, especially people who will laugh at you. First of all, remember that you are doing it for you. I am not at all a coach, I just wanted to share my first 4th moths experience with you. Please share your experience in the comment section or tweet me!

Rudy with love ❤