An adventure begins.

After two years designing, building, thinking, designing, building I decided to stop, take stock and change direction.

I was the only designer and website builder at the Muse template provider museGrid for the past two years with a never-ending deadline of templates and widget releases every week. It felt like the first season of Battlestar Galactica continually jumping trying to stay ahead of the Cylons.

However, I learnt a hell of a lot about Adobe Muse what it can do, what it can’t do and where it fits the daily lives of busy web designers.

Many widgets and nearly two hundred templates later I am ready to share my knowledge, experience and ideas with the rest of the Adobe Muse community. will be the platform from which my brother Dan (also a great photographer and all round Creative Cloud guy), and I share our knowledge with the rest of the world.

How we have challenged ourselves with a huge undertaking.

We decided that if this online magazine would be about Adobe Muse it would need to be created with Adobe Muse. So our first challenge would be to create a sustainable format that would cater for all device types and allow us to write clear, easy to read articles.

That means no database, no WordPress non of the usual tools you would use to build a digital web-based magazine.

We think we have a formula now and with a few custom widgets and some Muse magic we were ready to write our first Edition.

Next up we needed a way to monetize the content in a fair way that would allow us to continue producing content whilst making the valuable content available to as many people as possible.

This is where the great folks at Tiny Pass came to our aid with a really easy solution that allows us to charge a small fee for access but still allow for indexing by search engines.

Where we plan on going.

Our aim is to provide a new resource for Adobe Muse novices and Pro’s with content and resources that increase your productivity with Adobe Muse.

We want to help you become Muse experts and benefit your business with our knowledge and skill sharing.

So here is where the journey begins. The FTL is online. Come jump with us.

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