The Snowtime Adobe Muse widget adds an amnimated snow effect to your Muse site. Package comes wih SVG snow corners too.

FREE Snowtime Widgets for Adobe Muse


Hey, fellow musers its that time of year when we have snow (some of us do anyway). For those that do or don’t here’s a little something to add a bit f winters charm to your websites.

Snowtime pack is a simple set of winter enhancements for your winter wonderland sites. All tested and ready to use.

The pack includes the snowtime widget that adds a lovely snowfall effect to the background of your page and some SVG (fully scalable) snow caps for box and element corners.

Have fun with the snow (don’t go overboard) and enjoy.

Here’s a video on how to use them.

Don’t forget the new 123muse edition is out on December 19th. Don’t mis it.

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