127 Days challenge — Day #15

127 days — day #15

1 song that fits me
* from where I am in this current moment *

Think! Freedom!

1 thing I’ve said, learned or done in the past
I’ll try and explain but feel free to ask more about these *

1 tool
you won’t understand these until you try for yourself *


1 inspirational quote
I say these are my religion *

1 person you should know of
* might come with a project that they lead or are involved with *

Danielle-Natalie Kind

My muse. I owe her so much. Her fire and willingness to burn and be reborn and constantly staying true to herself, her art, her heart and her education enabled me to know I can also. nowadays be a partner for making the world a better place knowing that my uniqueness is of great value to the world (even if not always understood or valued when present).

1 podcast / video / infographic
following the tradition of TED talks and sharing ideas worth spreading *

John Hockenberry: We are all designers

Movie or Book you should spend some time with

Billy Elliot


watch me as I “chop off my own arm and take myself on this journey.
At the end of these 127 days I will turn this into a book and bring it with me to Midburn — There, all Burning Man 10 principles apply to it and to me.


I’m 27 and I realize I need to “chop off” some parts of my identity in order to grow and be able to settle.
I’m hoping this process and sharing this with you, wherever you are, whoever you are, will help me gain clarity and insight on my growing up journey and process.

I wish for this to become a platform for conversation and collaboration so I invite you to comment but this is not my intention.

My intention is to share my life experience of 27 years for the next 127 days.

with that said If you read this and we do get to meet in person, chat or you wish to write me please do share with me your thoughts.

I welcome and appreciate feedback in fact this is how I learn the most.

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