Felix — Don’t you want me. Story behind the record by Rollo from Faithless

Before the immortal hit Don’t you want me with Red Jerry and before forming Faithless, Rollo had a recording studio with Judge Jules. Before that, they organised DJ parties together for their friends and didn’t invite Red Jerry (Hooj Choon label’s owner), so that he wouldn’t steal someone’s girlfriend. And before that, Rollo went to school with Judge Jules and was suspicious of Jerry, who went to a neighbouring school.

“I hated Jerry when I was a kid. I didn’t have musch to do with him for years. Not untill he turned up at the studi with the Feix track. He wanted it done on the cheap and he was saying. ‘Can you do house?’, and I was like, ‘Oh yeah!’ Felix did all the keyboards, I engineered it, and Jerry sat at the back saying: ‘I want it louder!’ My big thing was the key change. That’s why that record works. But then we all love to argue about who did what to make it so great. Jerry made the breakdown really long. He said: ‘The breakdown has to be longer.’ We said: ‘No it doesn’t’ But we did it anyway and it turned out he was totally right. It was actually the first house track i’d ever done.”