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Jean Michel Jarre — Music for supermarkets. Story behind one-copy album

Composed from February to May 1983 near Paris.
Outside recording on PCM F1 Sony Digital.
Jarre with his wife, actress Charlotte Rampling, on Cannes Film Festival, 1983. Photo : Puretrend

“A single copy for a single buyer, like a painting with a single owner.” said Jarre. The label was horrified. “All the presidents of recording companies were shocked, and my boss in particular.”

6.07.1983: Deconstruction of the master plate

This is why all the bootlegs on the Internet contain the rip of the mediocre signal from the station. Jarre laughed on the air: “Pirate me!” (But it was the other way around: fans begged the author — please, monsieur, have some mercy! :)

“The idea was to point the finger at what was becoming the music industry, which had decided to sell records in supermarkets, like pots of yoghurt or toothpaste.” This is the point — the record sold for next to nothing will never appear on shop shelves.

Jarre, 1983



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