Lemon vs. Orange. How Paul Oakenfold’s remix of U2 became a brand new track

In 1993, Paul Oakenfold recorded a remix for U2 of the song Lemon. But in their homeland, the band’s single was met unenthusiastically and Oakenfold decided that it shouldn’t go to waste, so he changed his version, sped it up and started playing it at his performances to introduce it to the public. Then, the creators asked the band if it would be possible to release the remix separately and with a different name. “No problem!” said the band and Oakenfold adapted the theme to his own band Grace, led by Dominique Atkins, that had recently signed with his label Perfecto. The instrumental version was named Orange mix. Now it’s considered to be an icon of classic trance with Goan notes.

Paul Oakenfold, 1995
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