LTJ Bukem — Atmosphere jubilancy. Story behind one of the coolest dnb rarities

It was allegedly recorded in 1993 and they were allegedly going to finally release it in 2009, but only made 10 copies and forgot about it (which isn’t really extraordinary for Good Looking). Apparently one of the copies was sold on Discogs for sixty euros, which, of course, shocked collectors who would have bought the record for at least two hundred. There is no doubt that Bukem’s hand is visible — there’s a shortened version on his account on Soundcloud, as well as pleas for a reissue. Fans understand that LTJ creates hype and joke about the slowness of the label: “Apparently to be released very soon. Expect hype within the next year and pre-orders to begin in 2035 with full release following in the summer of 2093. Will be limited to 5 copies.” Just release it Bukem, you’re so fucking shit — this is a quote too :)