Stef de Bont
Nov 17, 2017 · 2 min read

This Returns Management course was written to inspire and help you with building a better returns management process for your business.

Although awareness of the Reverse Supply Chain is growing, proper attention and priority are often missing. It makes sense that developing the Forward Supply Chain is often prioritized, as that is the process where revenue is made. But an inefficient Reverse Supply Chain could be an area where profit is lost, so attention is needed.

Returns Management offers many opportunities

Returns can be a burden if not managed well, but they can also be a valuable opportunity if managed well. The Reverse Supply Chain can deliver value in many different areas, e.g.:

  1. Customer value: Offer world-class customer service and build great customer relations.
  2. Sourcing (product) value: Maximize product value recovery through operational excellence.
  3. Environmental value: Impact the environment through sustainable recovery and disposal of products.
  4. Information value: Leverage product and customer insights for the next forward supply chain.

We are here to help you unlock that value

The principles behind the Reverse Supply Chain have been around for many years and the chain is not a new phenomenon. But only now are many companies and individuals paying serious attention to it. We want to support this growing attention and contribute to a broader understanding of the subject. This guide provides insight into many aspects of the Reverse Supply Chain and Returns Management.

Introduction to the big picture

In this introductory chapter, we will start with the big picture of the Reverse Supply Chain. Next, we will translate this picture to the two processes and four underlying main processes on a Returns Management platform. Are you ready for an introduction?

12Return Academy

Revolutionizing Reverse Logistics

Stef de Bont

Written by

Founder and CEO of 12Return.

12Return Academy

Revolutionizing Reverse Logistics

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