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12Ships Monthly Report: May 2021

[Press Time: June 1st , 2021]

Industry News

1. MINING. Bitcoin fell back below $37,000 on Friday as a top Chinese governmental body called for a crackdown on cryptocurrency mining, amplifying regulatory concerns on May 21.

Local authorities in major Chinese mining hubs have started banishing crypto mining businesses since crackdown notice from the State Council. With little idle capacity in overseas hosting sites, some miners plan to go underground and continue to operate in other parts of the country, which might be only feasible for some of the biggest miners. It is likely that miners will move from these mining hubs in western China to the east, where they can put the mining machines into factories. Read More.

2. FILECOIN. The Filecoin HyperDrive Network Upgrade is coming soon! It will unlock a 10–25x* increase in storage onboarding rate to enable faster network growth. New benefits, including: allow current storage providers to onboard additional storage capacity more quickly and cheaply; create space for new storage providers to come onboard and quickly scale their operations to many PiB (or EiB!) of storage capacity; link symbol Increase chain bandwidth for other critical functions like ongoing storage verification, transactions, and creating new accounts; decrease gas fees for onboarding new storage deals — making it even cheaper to store useful data on Filecoin!

3. CONFERENCE. Consensus by CoinDesk May 24–27, 2021 unites professionals across the globe for an immersive virtual experience aimed at exploring the evolution of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Project Update

  • TSHP Lock-up&Earn for 7 days on Gate.io from May 17th . There locked up 4,380,618.690679 TSHP with 218 participants. Get more information.
  • The DApp of TSHP BSC staking pool has been already online. We have activated 3 pools on May 20, the progresses of which have all exceeded 100% over the Max Amount Limit. More pools will be active soon.
  • In May, 12Ships was invited to participate in the WDAS(World Digital Assets Summit) on 19th-20th May. QJ Zhao, the CEO of 12Ships, said publicly that 12Ships will continue to participate in Filecoin and other storage mining and ecological project cooperation.
  • Based on the proceeds of Hansando pool in May 2021, 12Ships Foundation has decided to use $3600 to buyback TSHP on the secondary market and permanently burn them. The TXID for the TSHP destruction will be publicly disclosed after completion.
  • 12Ships team has finished the buyback&burn of 351,106.41 TSHP in accordance with the 12Ships bimonthly report of March&April 2021, with 2 ETH(~$5,200). Read more.
  • Twitter Followers: 7595
  • Members in Korean Community (Kakao): 531
  • Members in English Community (Telegram): 1218
  • Members in Chinese Community (WeChat): 260

Upcoming Events in June

  • More TSHP BSC staking pools will be active in June.
  • An AMA is taking place in Gate telegram group chat on June 2.
  • Another TSHP Lock-up&Earn on Gate.io platform will be online on June 2.
  • A tool is being developed in June for converting between TSHP ERC20 and TSHP BEP20.

About 12Ships

12Ships is a cryptocurrency mining platform that makes your journey to blockchain investments AS EASY AS POSSIBLE by providing profitable and high-performance mining infrastructure. 12Ships insists on technology-driven development of a mining ecosystem, including ASIC mining products, Filecoin mining machines, mining pool, staking pool, etc.

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