Video and Picture Formats

Trying to compile a list of valid image/video formats for 13chan. Here is what I came up with, note I tried to make this list with scalability in mind and it might change.

Ta-da, haven't looked into how file conversion works and if it would be worth it but if all goes well I might convert all other image extensions to Flif but still accept all other standard file types. Supposedly Flif is better then WebP but who knows. I feel like converting file types, if possible and even feasable is going to be really annoying especially with a something new such as Flif, but whatever onward we go.

As you can see here I have all the mime types labeled here. All of these will most likely be supported in some way or another. Note flash and audio WebM. Other then that and Flif not having a mime type(?) everything seems to be in good order.

I just hope this is actually workable and I don’t sound like an idiot ;)