Be Where Your Shoes Are At

Last year I had our coaching staff constantly remind our players of this simple saying throughout our season, “be where your shoes are at.”

It was extremely critical to get our kids to focus on staying in the moment and not getting distracted throughout the game. A bad habit a lot of players have is to constantly check the score throughout the game. Eyes focused on a scoreboard only add a cloud of distraction that could be best served elsewhere. Although this is a tough habit to break, it is breakable. We constantly reinforced throughout the season that if we focus on the details in front of us, we optimize our chance to win that moment.

Moments are what win games, and the more moments you win, the higher success rate you will have. Shot preparation, free throw box outs, and sprinting your lane are great examples of moments our players have control over winning.

As attention spans get shorter and shorter, we often are too consumed with unimportant distractions in our daily journey and miss the things most beneficial to us. Being in the moment is underrated.

Take. Your. Time. Do it well, focus and do it better than ever before.

Win your moment….

“Be where your shoes are at.”

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