15 Best Tools that a designer can’t afford to miss

Mohit Badaya
Jun 16, 2015 · 2 min read

Are you a Designer? Are you fond of new tools? Do you love Creativity?

If yes! Then here are some of the best tools that, being a designer you can’t afford to miss. These Tools can help you save a lot of Time and Money. Which can directly make your designing better and easier. These tools are simple, but effective tools that help designer (Beginner/PRO) to help get more of what they deserve.

So here is the list!

Coolors — Super Fast Color schemes generator for super fast people.

StockUp — The Best Free Stock Photos that every designer will love.

Duet Display — Make your iPad as a second display for your mac.

The Best Designs — Featuring the best of website designs

App Screenshot Builder — Create Gorgeous Images for your App Store Page in just 5 minutes.

Napkin — Designing of mocks just got easier. Easily design them on your phone.

WebFlow — An easy to use Tool to make websites easily without having coding knowledge

redpen.io —Easy Feedback tool in a robust and quick way to get everyone involved.

Cloud App — The fastest way to capture and share anything on the web.

AniCollection — Play with CSS3 Animations anytime, anywhere.

Design Rails — Free Custom made logos designed by machine for websites

Freebbble — Find 1000+ design freebies made by Dribbble users.

StoriesOnBoard — The user story mapping tool for delivering the right product on right time.

Sketch Plugin — Create mobile and web prototypes with Sketch

UXCompanion — A Mobile App with handy glossary of user experience (UX) theories, tools and principles.

So that’s all for the day! Use these plugins wisely. And get the best from them. These Tools will surely help you.

Also if you know more tools, kindly feel free to share it with me!

15 Best Tools Lists

We Explore…! We Collect…! The Best 15 Tools in different Categories.

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15 Best Tools Lists

We Explore…! We Collect…! The Best 15 Tools in different Categories.

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