An emoji is worth 140 characters…

Personally, how I feel about enterprise social media:

I chose one of the (many) frustrated emojis to express my personal experience. I am a former (and probably future slack user). While I find the Slack product to be user friendly, I enjoy being able to “poll the audience” with quick queries to a group or quick pings to an individual. However, I find the problem with internal communication and social media at work is that it can be abused by the user and there needs to be a strong code developed among those using it to ensure that individuals have a shared understand of work hours, performance and expectations. These challenges are not unique to enterprise social media systems but to our modern communication expectations that often require us to respond to supervisor, team or client communications 24/7. In some ways Slack and other systems only increase the communication ties and include “read-receipts”, “online” status, and “last-seen by” notifications that can be seen as an invasion of privacy and create a greater control mechanism to communication response that may not be fair nor appropriate.

My enlightened by 15.S10 emoji:

After last week, I also had to use a “confused” emoji to state my reaction regarding an article I found from Re/Code regarding Facebook at Work. After trying to find a pensive emoji, that all looked depressed, I chose a confused face to express my thoughts about the future of Facebook at Work. Although we talked with Carpool Agency founder about their implementation of Facebook at Work recently over Yammer, this company is obviously leading the way with the platform that has yet to acquire broad traction.

According to insights gleaned from last week’s F8 conference, Facebook’s enterprise offering is perfecting itself slowly in beta and is losing (potentially irrecoverable) market share to the increasingly ubiquitous slack. Let the market, employees and employees speak…

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