Bitmoji for Social Media in the Workplace

I have selected this bitmoji to express my opinion on Social Media in the Workplace. It is based on the X-files and expressed the “I want to believe” because I understand the value that social media can bring to the workplace, however I have a healthy amount of skepticism. Currently, it is very difficult to implement a social media platform and culture of using it within a company.

The level of collaboration and innovation that could be driven from such social media platforms is exceptional, especially for large global companies where intellectual capital is crucial. At the same time though, I believe it is difficult to modify the current habits of employees and force them to utilize a tool that they are not excited about or familiar with. One of the biggest challenges with internal company social media tools is that often they do not mirror any other external tools that employees use (e.g., Facebook, Twitter). Additionally, often there are not guidelines for accountability or performance metrics for employees tied to the social media platform, so there is no incentive for employees to use the platforms, unless it shows improved productivity or performance directly in their other performance metrics that currently exist.

Overall, I am excited to see more companies implement social media platforms internally, but I will still remain a bit of a skeptic until I see more use cases of successful implementations.