Life (Strife) at Sloan

This is me at the beginning of December 2014:

Luscious, silky smooth hair

This is me at the end of December 2014:

…no caption can do this justice

What happened here? I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you what happened here. THESE GUYS HAPPENED:

My core team, getting back at me for…NOTHING!

Okay, I’ll tell you what happened. Sloan charity auction at the end of core semester. To raise money for helping kids with cancer. I auctioned my hair— winning bidder(s) got to choose my hairstyle for a full week. My core team collectively bid $325. And the hairstyle they chose…well you saw. My whole cohort saw too, by pictures that went around on our cohort’s Whatsapp group.

What was my thought process? Clearly, I wasn’t thinking too much. Why did I choose that particular platform? Our cohort of 60–70 students have our own Whatsapp group, and these pictures were related to an item specific to our cohort’s charity auction. So, that’s social media I created that depicts life (strife) at Sloan. And yes, I looked like that for a whole week before shaving it all off.

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