Social Media at work is like a marriage

I really like the idea of using social media in the workplace. It can turn to be a very efficient, engaging and funny way to communicate. It is probably something that the majority of company’s employee is already using and know how to do it, so the adoption curve can be reduced in case you don’t make huge changes on the platform to be used.

But I see as a marriage. You have to think really well about it before taking the decision to go for it. Set expectations, plan, talk how it is going to be and be very committed to it and not just let it go. And also, you have to be watching it all the time in order to guarantee that the things will work fine.

In other works, a company can benefit a lot of having social media at the workplace, specially to engage its employee and enhance the communication. But on the other hand it has to be done very carefully, has to train the people that will engaged in other to take the best of it and finally you have to have someone to manage it.

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