Social Media in the Workplace

I select a happy emoji with the hands-up symbol to describe happiness and excitement of social media in the workplace. I believe since the introduction of the Internet, social media has been present but is nowadays stronger than ever. What excites me the most about social media at work is in how beneficial it could be internally and externally for an organization. For example, internally, social media platforms as Facebook and Twitter help with maintaining the company culture and maintain employees engaged in company’s event. Also, social media can act as a newsletter, instead of sending the monthly newsletter of 20 pages. Now you can have a daily newsletter and maintain employees engagement and motivation. Also, as seen used in many industries, social platforms are also being used to recruit talent for the organization, such as LinkedIn where many professionals are being hired.

Furthermore, a company can also engage and build up a client’s brand awareness through social media. For example, in the construction industry, many companies will communicate via Twitter with their clients by tagging them and providing updates of the construction projects. One example was AECOM, a large global engineering firm, who tagged its clients in its Twitter posts of projects.

In addition, social media has affected the way business-to-business marketing works; social media can be a way to share knowledge between professionals and companies on technology and engineering industries. Also, social media is used as a customer service support, in where many companies are using platforms such as Twitter to provide responses to questions or complaints of customers; a more effective and faster interaction with customers.

In conclusion, my emoji shows my excitement and happiness in how social media is making an impact on many industries and in the way marketing content, customer interaction, company culture, and branding are being positively affected by social media.