Hasty post election thoughts

You could be forgiven for thinking that Jeremy Corbyn won this general election, because despite the Conservative / DUP coalition, the Tory majority in the country has been all but demolished. Significant gains by Labour and the Lib Dems, and heavy UKIP and SNP losses resulted in a real reshuffle in the allegiances of voters. Some previous UKIP voters sided with the Tories, but a significant amount were reported to have supported the Labour Party, too – which is surprising in itself, particularly given that Labour were known not to be chasing a “hard” Brexit.

Personally, the snap election was an encouraging display of engagement from the progressive parties, particularly Labour, and without a doubt is a reminder of the tabloid newspaper’s dwindling effect on the electorate. Social media was at the heart of this election, but it was refreshing to see it used positively, to encourage young people to vote. It was noticeable, however, that the Conservatives did not once encourage young people to vote on their social media pages, indicative, as ever of their reliance on the votes of pensioners and the middle aged.

It’s a positive outlook on the future of Britain, that’s for sure. Theresa May has been well and truly exposed as weak and bumbling, her party thrust from a position of considerable power to barely scraping a majority government. Leadership has never seemed less strong and stable.