Song Review: Different Days - The Charlatans

So, to begin, this is 13 Step, and this is my first blog post. Hope you all enjoy!

So, I’ve been listening to The Charlatans since 2015; a great band doubtless, but not groundbreaking. On the 25th of May 2017, their latest album, Different Days, was released. I’m going into detail and reviewing its song-based namesake, arguably the best song in the album.

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Different Days, as an album, is a solid piece from a good band. It wasn’t significant enough to inspire a huge reaction for me, personally, but I really felt as though the sort of neo psych-pop was slightly Pond-esque, with a number of songs, like the album’s namesake ‘Different Days’ a really nice and enjoyable piece of music, with Johnny Marr’s involvement as guitarist a masterstroke in creating a good song. Tim Burgess’ vocals are, as always, consistent, but the song seems to really divert from their Britpop origins.

Now to the next bit. This will get more familiar, but I’m gonna drop the song a rating out of 10. I’ll be as impartial as I can here, in any case.

Different Days (song): 6/10

Slightly too basic to warrant any higher, but represents a decent piece of music from The Charlatans.

Review of Murder of the Universe (album) by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard to come soon, stay tuned.