149 words about 51 miles and a bluebird

Sailors say it’s good luck to see dolphins; I think the equivalent for cyclists is seeing a bluebird. I had just come out of the woods on Mountainview and into the sun between some small horse farms. A bird flitted to my left. I’d seen bluebirds here before, and there was no doubt when the sun hit its back as it banked and crossed my path. Every time I see one I’m surprised again by the jewel-like sapphire brilliance that would seem to be an impossible result from just feathers and sunlight. Later, deep in the suburbs, I crested a climb and saw an Italian sports car in a deep blue. Despite its technology, it didn’t even approach the same depth of color. More telling, 15 miles later I was still thinking about a bird I saw for two seconds. Just seeing it was all the luck I needed.

The ride: https://ridewithgps.com/trips/5289003