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Storii: A Senior Care Management Platform that Users Love

Cameron Graham was hospitalized after taking part in a charity run a few years ago. During that stay in the hospital, he got to spend every day next to an elderly man with dementia and see what life and interactions with family and caretakers was like. That led him to create Storii.

Storii (and its product, StoriiCare) helps senior living providers offer the best care possible by saving them hundreds of hours on paperwork and administration. The product also includes a social-like feature that allows family members to communicate with their loved ones and track their activities in senior living facilities.

Cameron Graham, pc:

Senior care facilities across the United States and the United Kingdom spend hundreds of hours every month doing basic administrative paperwork. Caretakers waste days filling out and filing paperwork while they would rather work with and take care of seniors. Facility managers have little idea of what their facilities and community members are actually doing without directly auditing this paperwork. And family members have no way of tracking what activities their loved ones do while in senior care facilities.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a product aimed at helping people with their loved one’s in senior care facilities — but it is the first one we’ve seen that gets the market inside and out. Cameron is a master of customer discovery and has personally visited hundreds of senior living facilities, talked to their staff and managers, and understands their needs.

As part of our diligence process, we speak with customers to see how they use the product, what they think of the team, and how much they value the product. This kind of diligence call can shed more light at the seed and pre-seed stages than any set of numbers or projections about growth ever could. Our calls with Storii’s customers may have been the best we’ve ever done. Not only did the customers rave about the product, they applauded Storii’s “engineering department” (a few of the cofounders in London) for their responsiveness and helpfulness.

We’re thrilled to leadthis round and help Storii scale to thousands of senior living facilities across the globe.

Storii is hiring.



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