Submission Guidelines and Instructions

The 1517 Assembly — Quincentennial

We’re always looking for new posts that pull the curtain back on the startup process, creating a product, and getting ahead as a young founder and maker. If you’re a member of the 1517 Community and want to submit a post to us, please make sure it meets the following expectations:

  • Relevant to startups, technology, or being a young founder or maker (you yourself do not need to be a young founder/maker…we publish advice from mentors and advisors as well as lessons learned along the startup process).
  • Does not overtly advertise a product or company (we want you to promote your startup and you can drive clicks back to your site with links, just don’t use the post as an overt advertisement).
  • Meets basic etiquette (don’t be an idiot).
  • Cannot already be published on another Medium publication (some authors like to post an article multiple times and submit it to multiple publications at once…this is a bad-faith practice and we won’t publish anything that we see published on other publications already).

And of course, we’ll give a preference to content that provides support, actionable items, and positively helps people in the startup process.

We reserve the right to decline submission of any piece for any reason. If we do not publish your piece, ask why and we’ll give you feedback.

Example posts:


In order to submit a post to us for publication:

  1. Draft up the post as a New Post on Medium.
  2. Make sure it isn’t already submitted to another publication. If it is and you want to submit it to us, remove it from the other publication first.
  3. If you’re already a writer, under “Publish V,” select “Submit to Publication” and select The Subversionist.
  4. If you’re not already a writer, tweet your draft to @1517Fund on Twitter or ask a team member on the 1517 Community on Facebook.

Best Practices

To maximize traction for your piece, do the following:

  • Use a unique, urgent, and ultra-specific headline. “How I Launched a Product Well” won’t perform as well as “How I Went From Zero to 1,000 Sales in 30 Days.” It doesn’t have to be clickbait, but people want something descriptive.
  • Include a high-res photo in your piece, preferably above the fold.
  • Use headlines and bulletpoints.
  • Share with your friends and community!

Questions? Tweet at us @1517Fund on Twitter.