Subversion 008. BONUS. You Graduated! Now How Do You Make Sense of the Real World?

1517’s Poet-Philosopher-In-Residence (PPIR)

Graduation time is that time of the year when thousands of excited grads leave 12–16+ years of captivity to embark on the beginning of their careers. It’s also the time of the year when many learn that school vastly underprepared them for navigating the real world. Unless you go work in the warm cocoon of Google or Goldman Sachs or the US Federal Government — all consciously designed to reflect the school systems out of which they recruit — you quickly discover that assignments and growth in the “real world” is nothing like assignments handed down from professors or teachers.

And how do you make friends outside of school? What if you’re an introvert? What if you’re in a city where you don’t know anybody at all? What if you don’t know anybody your age?

1517 Fund cofounder joins Subversion this week to address these issues. Join us in a future episode to hear from our portfolio company founders on how they combatted loneliness, made sense of the world outside of school, and flourished.

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