Subversion 016. How to Find Out What People Will Pay For

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Shriya Nevatia wants to help you find out what customers will pay for before you spend all your time building out your product. Shriya sits down with Zak in San Francisco to discuss how to do customer discovery interviews, surveys, and research. Shriya also covers what goes into doing UI research (to make sure you’re building something people not just want but can also use.

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Shriya Nevatia is a UX Engineer at Glidr ( and Founder of The Violet Society (

Shriya studied Computer Science at Tufts University and got into UX Design through Human Factors Engineering, the General Assembly UX Design course, and the social entrepreneurship program Project Breaker. She did UX Research at the Tufts Center for Engineering Education and was a UX Intern at Pegasystems.

She was the first employee at TenXList, later called Assembled, where she led UX Design for 4 product launches. Over the past 3 years, she’s taught a 1-hour “Intro to UX Design” workshop at 10 hackathons for high school and college students.

Mentioned in the Episode:

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