1616: Hong Quan

Hong Quan is the co-founder of Karmic Bikes. He subscribed to FoT in November 2014.

1) What change do you want to see in the world of mobility by the end of 2016?

What I’d like to see happen by the end of 2016 and what can realistically happen in 15 months are two different things. The US is slowly adding protected bike lanes, and we will make the bikes to get more people using them. Research shows that 60% of Americans would bike to work if they felt safe doing so. A great bike is only half the solution, we need cities and towns to understand that a paint strip down the street isn’t enough to protect a bicyclist. We need drivers to see riders as humans first, and not let their ego get annoyed by those damn cyclists. I want to make riding a bike an ordinary, everyday thing. A bike rider isn’t special in Copenhagen. Once anyone can do it, everyone will do it.

2) If you had to drop everything right now and build something that had the greatest impact on mobility, what would it be?

I dropped everything last year and have spent the last 12 months developing the Karmic Koben. Delivering the bikes to our customers, and the public at large, is the most impactful thing I can do in the next 6 months. A few hundred bikes doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s the catalyst that will start a much bigger movement.

Hong Quan Bio
Hong is obsessed with wheels and going fast since he was a kid. After starting (and selling) a car startup, he decided to explore a different slice of the transportation pie. Electric vehicles are the future, and not everyone needs a car. The Koben is the first product from Karmic Bikes, and Hong is already thinking about the next version. -> http://www.karmicbikes.com/

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