An introduction to ‘1616’

October 2015 marks the 1 year birthday for FoT, the weekly mobility newsletter that started as an email to a few friends about the things that make up the future of transportation.

FoT has grown and is now read by all manner of product designers, investors, executives and those trying to make sense of how transportation is changing. The group is small (about 800 people) and loyal (the open rate is 64% and the average person clicks over 5 links from each email). The greatest concentrations of readers are from Uber, IDEO, Barbarian Group, Google, Toyota and Stanford.

To commemorate the 1-year mark, I decided to shine a light on the unique group of people who read FoT, in a project called ‘1616.’

I’ve often thought if you could put all FoT subscribers in a room you’d have one of the most fascinating mobility discussions anywhere on earth. So I invited 16 different subscribers to join me in a discussion about the near-term future of mobility. I call this ‘1616’ — each of these 16 influential FoT readers share their view of changes underfoot that will make a meaningful difference by the end of 2016.

Each was asked the following two questions:

1) What change do you want to see in the world of mobility by the end of 2016?
2) If you had to drop everything right now and build something that had the greatest impact on mobility, what would it be?

I deeply enjoyed reading their responses, particularly as a group. I trust you’ll feel the same.

You can read each individually here on Medium, or choose to download the entire packet as a PDF for reading / printing.

Thank you, and thank you to the 16 subscribers who took the time to share their thoughts.


1616 Contributors:

Rakesh Agrawal
Ryan Croft
Michael Granoff
James Hardiman
Stefan Heck
Josh Horwitz
Justin Kalifowitz
Sahas Katta
Thejo Kote
Om Malik
Colin Nagy
Colin O’Donnell
Andy Palanisamy
Hong Quan
Diego Rodriguez
Ted Serbinski
Rudi Thun