The Golden Path Of Progress

There is a universal influence that can guide any parties who confront each other with hostility. It is not a new idea of mine not at all. It embodies a higher than human wisdom that has been expressed in every world religion and philosophy with any value to improve our experience.


Everyone knows that they would like to be treated kindly, to have our interest regarded and our rights recognized and protected. We know that such a regard awakens a response in our own heart. Kindness begets kindness and respect awakens respect. Put yourself in the place of your opposition. Imagine that you are dealing with yourself, and it will not be hard to decide rather you want to inflict more pain or find a resolution.

There are two barriers to operating this way and the first is exaggerated passion or anger. When the mind is inflamed people don’t listen to reason. We become blind to even our own interest and forget the interest of others. Difficulties are never settled while we are enraged. They are never settled in conflict. One party may be subdued by force but the sense of wrong will remain and the fire will break out again on the first occasion.

The second and central cause is an unbalanced love of self. People or groups squarely focused on themselves and only what they can get is always the root cause of conflict. This perspective puts all others in the position of not me and therefore not worthy of my consideration. This selfishness is ultimately incompatible with a productive peaceful society.

It is true that there are some people that are so mean and devoid in spirit that they cannot see any interest but their own “whose hearts, not made of flesh but of silver and gold, are so hard that they are not touched by any human feeling, and care not how much others suffer if they can make a cent by it. But they are the exception, not the rule.” Says Napoleon Hill and I agree that we cannot let our view of humanity be skewed by sickness of a few.

Organizations and movements of people protecting their own rights will find their “influence increasing as their temper becomes normal and firm, and their demands are based on justice and humanity.” Napoleon Hill states in The Golden Rule lesson from his book “Law of Success”. From my experience in community organizing and facilitating projects where there was often conflict this is true. By recognizing each voice as valid and valuable to the conversation I was able to disarm the arrows of anger and transform the conversation to a respectable delegation or negotiation.

Golden path leading to success

Golden path leading to success

You and/or your group are reasonable, real people with families and people they love and so is any other person or group you may have difficulties with. How would you like to be treated? The “other” would like to be treated the same. Ultimately we are all just people finding our way lets practice the Golden Rule and walk the golden path of progress.

Originally published at 16 to Success.